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All In WA’s Vaccine Equity Initiative supports equitable vaccine access by streamlining and targeting funds to trusted, community-based organizations that can conduct linguistically and culturally-specific vaccine education and outreach, as well as address access, mobility and transportation barriers.

Working together, we can expand vaccine access within our hardest-hit communities across Washington State quickly and effectively.

Grant application guidelines are available on this page.


Data shows the pandemic has disproportionately impacted Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), including immigrants and refugees, across all health, education, and economic indicators. These inequities are playing out in many of the same ways as we begin to roll out vaccine programs in Washington State at a time when there is limited supply. Due to language, mobility, and technology barriers, existing inequities are widening every day, compromising the health of vulnerable families and elderly residents and further delaying our state’s recovery.

All In WA’s Vaccine Equity Initiative will support equitable distribution of vaccines by streamlining and targeting funds to trusted, community-based organizations that can conduct linguistically and culturally-specific vaccine education and outreach, as well as facilitate mobile and pop-up vaccine clinics and provide transportation to vaccination sites. Working together, we can expand access within our hardest-hit communities across Washington State quickly and effectively. 

Vaccine Equity Initiative grant funds are flexible and will be distributed to organizations serving regions and communities with the highest need. 

How will the funds from the Initiative be used? 

The Initiative will fund programs that are working to quickly increase access to vaccines for hardest-hit communities by supporting: 

  • Technical assistance to aid registration: Funds can be used by community organizations to supplement existing registration methods and provide technical assistance to ensure technology access gaps and language barriers do not prevent or impede vaccinations.  
  • Transportation assistance: Transportation to a vaccine location was consistently one of the biggest barriers to vaccinations cited by community partners, especially for elders. Grantees can use funds to provide transportation assistance to ensure the most vulnerable community members can reach vaccination sites.  
  • Pop-up and mobile vaccination clinics: Fund will also support increasing local vaccination pop-up and mobile clinics and pay for amenities including staff support, facilities, equipment, and food to ensure vulnerable elders and individuals from BIPOC and immigrant and refugee communities can more readily get vaccinated in their local neighborhoods and home communities.   

Grants will support community organizations by expanding their ability to provide education and outreach to community members, ensuring everyone has access, through: 

  • Coordinating efforts: Support informal and formal coalitions that are working in specific regions across the state to fight fragmentation and to help with coordination across various community, public, and private partners and stakeholders in their local community.
  • Expand community organization capacity: Cover the costs for critical staff, growing capabilities of person-to-person outreach, and developing and launching outreach methods like teleconferences that do not rely on digital tools. 
  • Trusted community member and leader training: Develop and conduct trusted and known community member and leader training and provide ongoing support.
  • Targeted communications: Conduct outreach with community-specific messaging to ethnic media as well as influential institutions (ex: community churches, centers).
  • Translated materials: Disseminate translated, culturally and linguistically responsive materials to distribute accurate and accessible vaccination information.
  • Phone and text banking: Develop and deploy campaign-style phone and text banking to reach historically and currently underserved communities.

How will the funds urgently reach disproportionately impacted communities? 

The Initiative targets and streamlines funds to trusted, community-based organizations who are most in tune with the needs of disproportionately impacted communities and therefore best positioned to lead outreach and distribution on the ground. The idea is to quickly mobilize critical resources to these organizations, so they have what they need to conduct education and outreach efforts and facilitate safe distribution of the vaccines within their communities. 

What is the fundraising goal? 

 Working with key philanthropic partners, we aim to raise $15M to match government dollars allocated to vaccine outreach and education – totaling $30M of combined private and public investment. The majority of federal funds are not expected to be available until June 2021 so philanthropic funds and donations, which can be distributed quickly, are critical – now more than ever. The Initiative has support from key philanthropic partners, including The Starbucks Foundation and Premera Blue Cross.

How can organizations apply for grants?

The Vaccine Equity Initiative’s grant program has not been finalized. The Advisory Group is currently developing the near term grant priorities and processes, building on experiences and efforts underway, aligned with the All In WA Fund principles that guided the previous four grant programs.

Grant application guidelines will be posted to this page when completed. Fill out the linked interest form to get updated when Vaccine Equity Initiative grant guidelines and applications become available.

The Washington State Department of Health (WA DOH) has outlined a phased rollout of vaccine allocation and prioritization. While All In WA does not directly distribute vaccinations, we encourage all Vaccine Equity Initiative partners and grantees to continue operating in compliance with the WA DOH’s vaccine allocation guidance as we work together to expand safe access to every Washingtonian. To learn more about COVID-19 vaccines visit the WA DOH website at or use the Phase Finder Tool to determine current eligibility for the vaccine.

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