All In WA: Thanks for Going “All In”

18 Jun, 2021

In May of 2020, All In Washington launched to support COVID-19 relief within communities in crisis throughout the state. Our mission was to connect donors, funders, and supporters with community-led response efforts—particularly those led by and working in Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and rural communities where the pandemic exacerbated existing inequities. 

It was immediately clear that urgent support was needed around housing, food security, and small business support. And as the pandemic continued, our response evolved—focusing on providing communities with digital access for students learning from home, affordable childcare and mental and behavioral health services, and ultimately, equitable vaccine access. 

When each pressing need emerged, Washingtonians stepped up for one another. Thanks to our incredible partners, donors, and supporters, All In WA exceeded its goal of $100 million and raised more than $110 million in COVID-19 relief for people in disproportionately impacted communities across Washington. Together, we helped raise pandemic relief for over 50 cause and community fund partners as they provided immediate support and addressed the underlying racialized disparities and systemic barriers.

Now, over one year later, as our state is slowly emerging from this crisis, we’re sunsetting the All In Washington campaign.

We’re proud to look back at the collective impact we’ve made as Washingtonians came together for one another during this challenging year. Check out the impact we’ve made together.

Although our campaign is coming to a close, the road to recovery is long, and we encourage everyone to continue to support local trusted community-based funders and partners whose ongoing efforts will be critical to improving health, safety, and opportunity for every Washingtonian. You can see the full list of funders and partners here.

We’re grateful to everyone who has gone “All In.” Together, we have demonstrated what is possible when we come together during times of crisis. The campaign’s success is owed to every Washingtonian who has contributed, mobilized resources, and led frontline relief efforts under the campaign. Thank you.


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