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PowerOf connects people who want to make a difference with organizations addressing the impacts of COVID-19. PowerOf has customized a page for All In WA so you can easily find the funds supporting the causes and communities you care about. Your donation is eligible to be matched.


The needs in Washington State are vast and growing. Communities, workers, and families across our state are facing food insecurity and difficulty covering rent. We need to support small businesses in need, undocumented and immigrant families, and so many more. Go All In by donating to the cause of your choice below.  Your donation is eligible to be matched.

Vaccine Equity

Vaccine Equity Initiative

The Vaccine Equity Initiative will support equitable vaccine access by streamlining and targeting funds to trusted, community-based organizations that can conduct linguistically and culturally-specific vaccine education and outreach as well as address access, mobility and transportation barriers.

Child Care

Child Care Initiative

The Child Care Initiative will provide vital resources to expand access to affordable child care for working parents with the greatest need while also sustaining the industry of child care providers across Washington.

Digital Access

Digital Equity Initiative

The Digital Equity Initiative aims to overcome the digital divide and support academic achievement by quickly providing students with access to devices and hardware, hot spots, and tech support.

Children in Crisis

Supporting Children In Crisis Fund

COVID-19’s impact is most dire for children experiencing poverty and other systemic inequities. Children and families who were already under tremendous stress before the pandemic are now undergoing a compounded crisis. NW Children Foundation’s Supporting Children in Crisis Fund provides critical services and support to children and families – and prevents today’s trauma from revisiting future generations.

Economic Transition, Recovery, & Small Business Support

Safe Start for a Healthy Economic Transition & Recovery Fund

Washington’s residents are facing historic challenges brought on by COVID-19. To provide much-needed assistance, the Washington State Department of Commerce has created the Safe Start for a Healthy Economic Transition & Recovery Fund to prepare residents and communities for a safe return to public life. This Fund will also provide support to small businesses that are financially impacted by COVID-19 and unable to open or operate.

Food Security

WA Food Fund

As communities in Washington continue to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, there are far too many people without enough to eat. WA Food Fund is raising money to provide food and supplies for those in need during this crisis.

Undocumented Families

Undocumented Workers & Families Fund

Our undocumented community is one of the most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Washington State because of limited access to government resources and a safety net. Undocumented Workers & Families Fund is supporting these communities and providing emergency and preventative financial relief.

Youth Homelessness

WA Student and Youth Homelessness Fund

With schools closed for the rest of the year, Washington’s youth are facing even more critical needs. WA Student and Youth Homelessness Fund is providing financial resources to community-based organizations and schools to meet the immediate needs of young people experiencing homelessness during this crisis.

Community Funds

Communities across Washington State are facing unprecedented needs as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. From Seattle to Spokane and Whatcom to Yakima you can help communities at the local level across the state through All In WA. Your donation is eligible to be matched.

Black Future Co-Op Fund

COVID-19 and its effects have had a disproportionate impact on the Black community, nationwide and in Washington state. The Black Future Co-op Fund is a new paradigm for philanthropy to center and uplift Black communities and Black-led solutions for Black wealth, health, and well-being over generations. Through working cooperatively across the state, Black Washingtonians claim a truthful narrative and create the path to generational prosperity.

Latino Community Fund

Of the billions of dollars distributed each year by philanthropic institutions, only 1.8% of the money is invested in the Latino community. The Latino Community Fund cultivates new leaders, supports cultural and community based non-profit organizations, and improves the quality of life and well-being of Latino children and families affected by COVID-19.

Na’ah Illahee Fund

Na’ah Illahee Fund’s Native Community Crisis Response (NCCR) Fund helps provide immediate relief to under-served Native communities and groups in the Pacific Northwest. All donations will be designated and used as stated above, for C-19 Coronavirus relief in Native American communities, and under-served communities of color that are disproportionately affected by this crisis.

Potlatch Fund

From potlatchs to powwows, building community and sharing wealth has always been a part of Native peoples’ way of life. Now more than ever, community will be the key to the long-term wellbeing of Native people. The Potlatch Fund is a Native-led nonprofit that provides grants and leadership development in Tribal communities throughout Washington.

Pride Foundation

This is the moment to boldly invest in response efforts that will support the organizations who make our community and our world beautiful—that work day in and day out to meet the critical needs of LGBTQ+ people and our families, and that move us further along the path toward justice.



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