Vaccine Equity Initiative

All In WA launched the Vaccine Equity Initiative to support equitable access and uptake of vaccines by funding community-based organizations that can conduct linguistically and culturally-specific vaccine education and outreach to those most impacted, especially in Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color.

From April 2021 to January 2022, we provided over 400 grants totaling more than $7.8 million to support vaccination efforts, including education, outreach, communications campaigns, pop-up vaccination clinics and other events, as well as address transportation or technology barriers. These flexible grants have been distributed to organizations serving regions and communities across Washington with the highest need to ensure everyone has equitable access. All grantmaking for this initiative is complete.

A list of all Vaccine Equity Initiative grantees are listed below:


The All In WA COVID Relief Fund grants focused on Emergency Flexible Financial Assistance. Grants were awarded to community-based organizations that are providing immediate financial support for disproportionately impacted individuals and families.

This support was critical for residents and families to meet their basic needs and regain stability in their lives. Funds were flexible, allowing people to decide how best to prioritize their needs for housing, health care, food, childcare, transportation, and other necessities.

The All In WA COVID Relief Fund awarded 109 grants to community-based organizations and Tribes, totaling $7,800,000. View the list of grantees here.

Child Care Initiative

The Child Care Initiative provided vital resources to expand access to affordable child care for working parents, especially essential workers with the greatest need, while also helping to sustain child care providers across Washington. Funding was provided through two grant cycles.

The first grant cycle focused on supporting family child care businesses, especially BIPOC-owned child care businesses. View round 1 grantees here

The second grant cycle focused on licensed child care centers. View round 2 grantees here.

Youth Behavioral Health Grants Program

The Youth Behavioral Health grants program provided flexible funding to trusted community-based organizations, including coalitions and tribal entities. The grants were made to expand or enhance services and supports for BIPOC youth ages 10-24 and/or their caregivers to support greater resilience, well-being, and healthy functioning in the near-term and long-term.

The All In WA COVID Relief Fund awarded 39 grants to nonprofit community-based organizations and Tribes, totaling $2,115,000. View the list of grantees here.


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